Christopher Lean


Personal and Family Information

Christopher was born on 08 JUN 1787 in Blisland, Cornwall, England , the son of Christopher Lean and Dorothy Tom.

He died on 11 MAR 1822 in Blisland, Cornwall, England .

He had two marriages/partners. His first wife was Mary Bate, who he married in BEF 1821. The place has not been found. Their eight known children were John (c1821-?), Giles (c1821-?), Christopher (c1821-?), Jane (c1826-?), Emma (c1826-?), Gertrude (c1826-?), Robert (c1833-?) and William (c1837-?).

His second wife was Mary Bate, who he married on 14 JAN 1815 in Blisland, Cornwall, England . Their three known children were Elizabeth (<1815-<1896), Mary Ann (1817-?) and Kezia (<1821-1903).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Christopher Lean


Christopher Lean


Robert Lean


Christopher Leane


Elizabeth Rogers


Catherine Hawken


Dorothy Tom


William Tom


William Tom


Mary Rogers





Birth 08 JUN 1787
Place: Blisland, Cornwall, England
Source: elias.GED

Death 11 MAR 1822
Place: Blisland, Cornwall, England
Census 1841
Place: Blisland, Cornwall, England
Age: 50
Type: Folio: 6 Page: 8
Address: Trevellet


Occupation farmer


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