Theodoric IV de Narbonne (Judaiarch of the Narbonne, Makhir of the Caliph, III comte d'Autun)

   Makir Theodoric, Thierry, Natronai al-Makhir, Makhir ben Habibai David


Personal and Family Information

Theodoric was born about 0730, the son of Thierry III d'Autun and Rolande de Laon. The place is not known.

He died in 0796. The place is not known.

His wife was saint Aude de France. They were married, but the date and place have not been found. Their five known children were Berthe (<0755-?), saint Rædburh (c0788-?), Thierry (?-?), saint Guillaume I (c0742-0812) and Andalelme I (<0760-0810).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Theodoric IV de Narbonne


Thierry III d'Autun


Natronai ben Nehemiah David


Nehemiah ben Haninai David


NN Shahrijar


Chrodelinde d'Austrasie


Hugobert d'Austrasie


Irmina d'Œren


Rolande de Laon


Hugobert d'Austrasie


Albéric d'Austrasie


Adèle de Poitiers


Irmina d'Œren


Théodard d'Œren


NN de Neustrie



Birth ABT 0730
Death 0796


Nobility Title Judaiarch of the Narbonne
Nobility Title FROM 0771 TO 0793 Makhir of the Caliph
Nobility Title III comte d'Autun


Théodoric (I duc de Toulouse, comte d'Autun)same person?
Rolinde d'Aquitainemère?
Habibai ben Natronai David (comte d'Autun)père?
Gilbert de Rouerguefils?


Note 1

Theuderic IV (Thierry), known to the Moors as Makir Theodoric, governor of Neustria and Burgundy. Ousted from power by Charles Martel in 737; Lord of Septimania, d 741

Note 2

It has been proposed by some that he was the same person as Makir, the Judiarch of Narbonne. If true, he has a Jewish pedigree going back approx 50 generations to King David of Israel. While a case can be made, it has been rendered a very weak one by Nat Taylor's research.

Nat Taylor's excellent article "Saint William, King David, and Makhir" in the July/October 1997 issue of 'The American Genealogist' makes it appear quite unlikely that Theuderic, father of St. William of Gellone, is identical to Makhir.

Further discussion on Medival-L with Nat Turner and others indicate that this man does not have any "proven" descendents or ancestors. He may have been invented at one time or another.

Note 3

I personally feel that any attempt to discredit the existence of Makhir Theodoric may be racist in its conception. At Theodoric's time Exilarchs were among the imperial aristocracy and held in equal regard to other aristocrats.


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