Charles Dagneau de Quindre dit Fontenay


Personal and Family Information

Charles was born on 27 OCT 1794 in Sandwich, Essex Co ON , the son of François-Guillaume Dagneau de Quindre dit Picanier and Thérèse Boyer.

He died on 16 FEB 1878 in Tilbury West, Chatham-Kent ON.

His wife was Julie Angélique Mailloux, who he married on 7 JAN 1830 in Assomption, Sandwich, Essex Co. ON . Their five known children were Zoë (1831-1831), Sophie (1833-1890), Anonyme (1836-1836), Léocadie (1838-?) and Judith (1839-?).

Pedigree Chart (3 generations)


Charles Dagneau de Quindre dit Fontenay


François-Guillaume Dagneau de Quindre dit Picanier


Louis Antoine Césaire Dagneau dit Fontenay


Michel Dagneau de Douville


Marie Lamy dit Defond


Marie-Anne Picoté de Belestre


François-Marie Picoté dit De Belestre


Marie-Catherine Trottier dit Beaubien


Thérèse Boyer


Ignace Boyer


Nicolas-Antoine Boyer


Louise Payet dit St-Amour


Marie-Angélique Pépin dit Descardonnets


Joseph Pépin dit Descardonnets


Angélique Robert dit Lafontaine



Birth 27 OCT 1794
Place: Sandwich, Essex Co ON
Death 16 FEB 1878
Place: Tilbury West, Chatham-Kent ON


Note 1

County of Essex, Schedule of Deaths: Charles Dequindre d 16/2/1878 age 84 years, farmer, b. Ontario, cause of death; old age, informant Rev P. Bauteux of Tilbury West. R.C.

Note 2

Records of Assumption Parish, LDS Microfilm: Charles Dequindre and Julie Mailloux: On January 7, 1830, after the publication of two banns of Marriage made at the sermon of the parish mass yesterday the day of the month and last Sunday, between Charles Dequindre, son of the late François Dequindre and of the late Thérèse Boyer, his father and mother of this parish on one side and Julie Mailloux, daughter of Joseph Mailloux and of Geneviève Deshêtres, her father and mother, also of this parish on the other side. The parties having obtained the dispensation for the third publication, by us the undersigned. Not having found any impediment to the said Marriage, we the Priest Missionary have received their verbal mutual consent of Marriage and have given them the Nuptial Benediction according to the rules of our Mother the Holy Roman Church and in the presence on the side of the groom of Louis Vilaire and of Nicolas Langlois, his brothers-in-law and on the side of the bride of her father, Joseph Mailloux and of her brothers, Joseph, Louis, and Baptiste Mailloux and of a number of other relatives and friends of whom some have signed and the others, as well as the groom declared that they do not know how to sign. Signatures: Xavier Vilaire, Joseph Mailloux, Pierre Marentete, Jean-Baptiste Mailloux Reverend Joseph Crevier, Priest, Missionary.


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